09:45 am

Building Trust - Why It Is Time to Have a Strategy

Building Trust is the most important part of any media strategy.

In this session will run a quick exercise how to build trust on social media platforms that is genuine and transparent.

Why Build A Social Media Strategy?

To start conversations with a new audience
To deepen conversations with an existing audience
To make all conversations more efficient

What Are the Benefits of a Social Media Strategy?

A Social Media Strategy helps your business or organization have a consistent message and voice

Best Practices for e-Newsletters

Using best practices to fine-tune your e-newsletter so that it more effectively communicates with your audience.

Wordpress SEO Strategies

Few Content Management Systems, or blogging platforms, manage SEO quite like Wordpress. Learn how to setup Wordpress to manage the majority of on-site SEO.

Justin shares tips, plugins, code, and actionable items to help you optimize your Wordpress blog.

Justin is the SEO Manager at Paramore|Redd Online Marketing. In August, Justin received national recognition for his article on search engine friendly design. His post "9 SEO Tips for Attractive Search Engine Friendly Web Design" won Marketing Pilgrim's 4th Annual SEM Scholarship contest.

Yes, You Can Go to Jail for Not Paying Your Taxes!!!

Question: What is the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion?

Answer: The former is legal and the later will get you 3 to 5 years for each count.

What local, state, and federal obligations is an independent contractor or small business owner responsible for?

What happens if I don’t pay these taxes and get caught or audited by the IRS or state department of revenue?

If you’re doing this right, this session will affirm the choices you’ve made.

If not, this session will help you avoid the consequences of not paying your taxes!

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