Jump on the PodCamp Nashville Blog Tour

Each day, starting February 17th and going until PodCamp (March 26), we are going to have one blogger a day write about PodCamp Nashville.

There are 37 days until PodCamp; We want to have 37 different bloggers participate. We still have a few spots open for you to join the tour, so sign up now by putting your name and blog next to an open date. It's a great way to get involved in PodCamp and spread the word!

Below is a list of bloggers that have posted so far:

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Courtenay Rogers - What the heck is a Podcamp?

Janet Wallace - How To Pack for a Podcamp

Raj Menon - The Go-Givers of Nashville Are Back!

Justin Davis - 5 Pro-Tips for Designing Better Presentations

Laura Creekmore - You should go to Podcamp Nashville

Jeff Goins - Creatives and Geeks: Why We Need Each Other

Kenny Silva - 5 Ways PodCamp Rocked My World in 2010

Dave Delaney - PodCamps Everywhere!

Nicole Branigan - Why Should You PodCamp?

Brad Blackman - Looking forward to Podcamp Nashville 2011

Erica Cosminsky - The Social Media Podcamp Stepping Stone Plan

Lesley Smith - Personal Side of PodCamp

John Ellis - PodCamp Nashville is about ME!

Chuck Bryant - Express Yourself at PodCamp Nashville

Travis Robertson - Podcamp Nashville 2011

Daniel Morris - Podcamp Nashville: Untapped Local Resource

Dirk Hoag - Get your digital groove on at Podcamp Nashville 2011

Dani Heileman - PodCamp Nashville 2010

Stephen Zralek - Opportunities Abound at PodCamp Nashville

Laura Click - Why You Should Break Out of Your Social Media Shell

Dale R Rogers - PodCamp Nashville 2011

Gavin Richardson - Open Source Helpfulness #pcn11

Jonathan Nation - How I Will Approach PodCamp Nashville

Brannan Atkinson - Two Podcasts for Podcamp Nashville 2011

Joey Strawn - 4 Sure-Fire Ways To Ruin PodCamp Nashville

Scott Gordon - I'm not talking about Kook-Aid

William Griggs - 4 Quick Podcamp Nashville Networking Tips

Charles Alexander - A Musician’s Guide To PodCamp Nashville

Rob Robinson - How to have a great time at PodCamp

Mitch Canter - Tales of a Camp Veteran

David Beronja - Podcamp Nashville 2001: Get Off the Fence and Just GO!

-- Joel Widmer is a social marketing strategist and owner of Fluxe Digital Marketing, a consulting shop that works with brands to develop audience centered marketing strategies.