How to Quit Your Job, Be Your Own Boss & Never Look Back


Tired of running your own business on the side and never giving it your full attention? If you are daydreaming about being your own boss, feel stuck in your 9-to-5 because of money or uncertainty and are thinking about taking the plunge and working for yourself full-time, this session is for you.

Learn how to successfully transition from your regular job to working for yourself full-time.

Going full-time will give you:

  • More time to work on your own business (and more time to relax)
  • Complete schedule flexibility – work when you want, take time off when you want
  • More respect from friends and family because your “business” is no longer a hobby

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why there’s never a “good” time to quit your job, but how to know if it’s the “right” time
  • The top mistakes people make after they’ve already quit their jobs (and how you can avoid them)
  • How to seamlessly transition from a 9-to-5 job to being self-employed (without going broke)
  • Simple strategies for keeping yourself on track and moving forward
  • How to make sure your bills get paid once you make the transition
  • How to overcome the “comfort trap” of a regular job and stick with your resignation plan
  • Why saying “no” to certain opportunities can actually make you more money
  • The secrets to saying goodbye to the corporate world forever and never looking back

Want to hear from others who have survived quitting their 9-to-5?
Check out my site The Day I Quit.

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09:00 AM