Podcast: Cyrus Vatandoost, Building a Creative Environment

As the executive vice president for the Nossi College of Art, Cyrus Vatandoost has just one message for PodCamp Nashville 2014 attendees.

We’re here.

In all honestly, Nossi has been in Nashville for 40 years. But the campus, now located on Chevron Road just outside of Madison, is brand new.

“We built this campus from the ground up,” he says, explaining that the process of creating the new campus was extremely thorough.

How thorough? More than two years were spent designing the space, with input from faculty and staff and even some students. The finished space – which took almost a year to complete – was designed specifically to match the programs the school offers.

Nossi is unique in that it focuses not just on arts, but the commercial and business aspects of art as well. It offers both Bachelor and Associate programs in everything from photography to graphic design to illustration.

“We’re excited to have [PodCamp Nashville] on campus to help spread the word,” Cyrus says.

Helpful Links:

Nossi.edu – For more information regarding the school’s campus and programs