Podcast: David Hooper, Making it Personal

With more than 20 years in the music industry and as the host of the successful “Music Business Radio” show on local radio station (and PodCamp Nashville 2014 media sponsor) Lightning 100, David Hooper says he’s looking to reinvent himself.

“It’s kind of like a mid-life crisis,” he tells Clark Buckner.

Hooper’s newly-public passion – he’s been working on it “silently” for quite some time – is to work with social entrepreneurs.

“I’m a storyteller, and I help tell people’s stories,” he says.

He’s looking to work with people who are interested in helping others. Finding goals, he says, is important and he sees his job as helping people reach those goals, especially when they involve some sort of social cause.

Everyone has a story, he says. It’s a matter of bringing it all the way to a personal level. Think about specific individuals, not just broad group audiences.

Hooper was one of the first speakers of the day at PCN14 and spoke to the early risers about making more money … but he says that’s not totally what the presentation was about. He hoped that his audience left with one very specific takeaway.

“You are who you say you are,” he explains. “That’s the biggest thing for entrepreneurs to know.”

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