Podcast: Rebecca Leslie, Telling Nashville Stories

If you stop and think about it, Rebecca Leslie has one of the best jobs in town.

Leslie, the Vice President of Talent Development for the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, is actively involved in the WorkIT Nashville movement that launched in February 2013. (WorkIT Nashville is a sponsor of PodCamp Nashville 2014.)

In other words, Leslie gets to tell the rest of the world how awesome the Nashville technology community is. (Which, obviously, we all already know!)

“It’s about making a focus about the people in the community,” she tells Clark Buckner.

In the first year of its existence, WorkIT Nashville’s website received more than 116 million impressions and 182,000 unique job searches from candidates in 42 states and 45 countries worldwide.

Leslie shares a couple of other interesting statistics as well:

  • Twenty companies in the region participated in the taskforce that created WorkIT Nashville.
  • More than 220 companies in Davidson and Williamson counties have listed jobs on the WorkIT website.
  • Seven out of 10 young professionals in the Nashville region are not originally from Nashville.

Candidates are drawn to Nashville for a number of reasons, Leslie says. In most cases, the publicity around the growing technology sector is a big factor. But some are interested by the afterhours activities, including live music and the bar scene. Others are drawn to the greenways and artistic communities. Still others are intrigued by the rapidly growing restaurant culture in and around town.

Leslie, who moved to Nashville 10 years ago, says she loves sharing the success stories of the region, both from individuals who have moved here and companies that have hired new talent.

Helpful Links

To get involved with WorkIT Nashville, visit their website: http://workitnashville.com

Individuals can sign up to be a WorkIT Nashville advocate and companies can create profiles for job listings by clicking on the Get Involved page in the News & Resources menu.

For additional information, you can email workitnashville@nashvillechamber.com.