Planning Crew

PodCamp Nashville is not about who is putting it on, but if you need to connect with one of us, here is who is doing what.

PodCamp Nashville 2014 Crew Leaders
Chair: Carla Swank (Advisor: Chuck Bryant)
Budget Coordinator: 
Communications Coordinator: Keith Cawley
Marketing Coordinator: 
      Digital Lead: 
      Copywriting: Salem Robert, Keith Cawley
      Email Marketing: (Advisors: D'nelle Throneberry Dowis)
      Graphic Design: Joe Smith
      Print Production: Christy Hunniford
      Social Media: Annakate Ross, Leslie Schichtel (Advisor: Jennifer Nash)
      Website: Mike Presley (Advisor: Chuck Bryant)
Production Coordinator:  (Advisor: Edwin Acevedo)
      After Party: Charles (Drew) Settles
      Program Management: (Advisor: Thomas Vaughn)
      Speakers: John Ellis
      Catering: Christy Hunniford
      Technical Services:
      Video: Todd O'Neill
      Volunteers: Kailey Faber
            Registration/Information: Dave Beronja, Jenni Leeds Beronja
Sponsorships Coordinator: Edwin Acevedo (Advisor: Chuck Bryant)
      Sales: Debbie Curtis