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  • It seems that every time I open my Facebook or Twitter feed all I see is a bunch of retweets and reposted articles. We live in a society of consumption and it can be all too easy to simply consume and regurgitate someone else's thoughts. Why do we do this? Are we just looking to have a voice?

    Room: Design Room 1
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  • In today's digital age, there is no shortage of tools to use or metrics to measure on social media and beyond. During this session, we'll cover measurement best practices including metrics to focus on and matching up metrics to goals.

    Room: Design Room 2
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  • With all the changes in technology that drives new medias, it's not hard to understand why designers are scrambling to keep up and to realize their value in the industry. If you want to stay in the game, you'll need to redefine your occupation.

    Room: Lecture Room 1
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  • Podcasting is back, baby! Get into the ears of your friends, fans and followers by starting your own show. This panel will share tips, tricks and techniques for creating a killer show. We’ll talk about what equipment and software to use, marketing your show, finding guests, and much more.

    Room: Studio B
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  • You can't do this on Twitter or Facebook. You can't do that on your blog. Every blog post has to have a video. You should only write list posts. Unless your post has a cat photo, it won't go viral.

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  • Search engine optimization is too often the primary focus for a company. That is a mistake. The future of search is not about using a keyword more times than your competitor. It can’t be about that. There is too much money at stake for that to win the search game.

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