Want to have your voice and ideas heard at PodCamp Nashville 2014? Here’s everything you need to know about proposing a session and becoming a speaker.

Attend SpeakerUp

SpeakerUp is held a few days before we start officially taking submissions for sessions. It’s a laid-back event where a panel of past and present PodCampers will answer any questions you may have about speaking at PCN14. Attending SpeakerUp is not a requirement for submitting a session, but it is a helpful event for first-timers (and a great time to boot!).
SpeakerUp for PodCamp Nashville 2014 was held on April 14 at the Yazoo Taproom. If you weren't able to attend, check out our Instant Replay of the event.

Submit a Session

Once we announce that session creation is open, go ahead and submit your topic. You’ll need a title, a description of what your session will be, a session format, as well as a session category. You should also create a custom hashtag for your proposed session (#SocialMediaFTW).
PLEASE NOTE: Each user may only submit one session proposal. If an attendee wishes to submit both an individual session and a session in which he/she plans on being a part of a panel, another member of the panel should submit the session proposal to avoid confusion.

Session Submission for PCN14 is now closed.

Session Draw

The PCN14 crew is working on a schedule to allow as many speakers time to present as possible. However, if more sessions are proposed than the schedule will allow, the official sessions for PodCamp Nashville 2014 will be chosen by random draw. The final schedule of the selected sessions will then be posted closer to the event date.

What If My Session Isn’t Selected?

There’s still an opportunity to speak! There will be impromptu speaking sessions available the day of the event. We have plenty of space and we always encourage interaction. Come early to check the schedule and sign up for an open room!