Nashville is a city with a history of creativity and innovation — in more than just music. It’s also a city that is greatly influencing the culture of America, and the greater world.

More and more, Nashvillians and others all over the world understand what our diverse, thriving city has to offer; at least more and more people of the world are lately becoming Nashvillian it would seem. Now, more than ever, we’re blessed with individuals, organizations and businesses that are committed to Nashville’s growth and enduring success.

The concept of a PodCamp was created in Boston in 2006, intended as a way to gather people interested in podcasting. Today, however, PodCamp is about far more than podcasting and podcasters. The PodCamp tent has expanded to include anyone that creates content online–including bloggers, social media aficionados, online video producers, web and graphic designers, and of course, podcasters.

These are people who get the word out about — everything! Many focus on Nashville, how awesome it is, and are the leading online voices in our fair city. Many focus on, or are connected to, Nashville businesses. Some are even business owners. The vast, diverse amounts of content PodCampers create can only be rivaled by the vast, diverse connections made through sponsoring and/or attending a PodCamp Nashville event. These people are influencers—a valuable audience, to both Nashville and to you as a business owner. The connections made at PodCamp can, and frequently do, result in new or improved business relationships and operations.

While an informal, “unconference” format, PodCamp Nashville does cost some money. As with anything in life,  you get out of it what you put into it, so we ask for sponsors to help us make PodCamp Nashville a success each year. Every year, we’ve been a bigger and better event than the year before. As we grow, we seek additional sponsors so we are able to open this event up to the online content creative community for free each year.

We’re asking for your help; help us ensure PodCamp’s continued success. We would love to have you as part of the team.

Get Started

PodCamp Nashville is the place for digital content enthusiasts to share information and learn from each other. Presented in an “unconference” format, PCN is a free event for content creators of all skill levels and interests.

Why Sponsor PodCamp?

PodCamp Nashville is a free event supported entirely by sponsorships from organizations like yours. PCN14 sponsorship offers your organization the opportunity to align your brand with the cutting edge of digital content creation and promotion.

Participation in PodCamp Nashville 2014 will provide you front-line access to an audience featuring both savvy new media entrepreneurs and curious enthusiasts hungry to connect with new opportunities in blogging, social media, podcasting, online video and much more.

Benefits of Sponsorship

There are many ways that sponsoring PodCamp can benefit your business! Sponsors in previous years have cited tangible results from their participation, including:

  • Networking with industry peers
  • Growing and strengthening brand awareness
  • Building relationships with online influencers
  • Establishing goodwill in the community
  • Recruiting key talent
  • Increased sales

PodCamp Nashville offers several sponsorship levels. We limit total sponsorships to ensure visibility and ROI for all of our sponsors. Don’t miss out on your chance to support one of the premier digital media events in Nashville!

Friends of PodCamp Nashville

If you're an entrepreneur or small business and find that our traditional sponsorship levels aren't appropriate for your company, consider becoming a Friend of PodCamp Nashville. For $100, we'll add your name and a link to your website on our list of sponsors and you'll be entitled to say that you help support PodCamp Nashville as a sponsor.

Don’t miss out on your chance to support one of the premier online media events in Nashville!