What is PodCamp Nashville?

PodCamp Nashville is the premier digital media “unconference” in the Mid South. It’s open to everyone interested in using online media to share ideas, hear from industry leaders and fellow community members, and participate in discussions and demonstrations.

First held in Nashville in 2008, PodCamp is a forum for bloggers, marketers, content creators, educators, podcasters and the like to gather, network and learn about the latest trends, tricks and technologies in the interactive world.

Attendees are encouraged to get involved through volunteering, presenting an insightful session or inspiring and leading community learning through active discussion and networking.

What is an Unconference?

While it’s an unusual term, the concept behind an unconference is not complicated. Every PodCamp lives by the following unconference “rules":

  • Content is driven by the attendees. That means that the people who sign up to attend the event are the ones who determine what the topics of the conference will be.
  • It’s free. Other than the cost of lunch (and/or adult beverages), the event is produced at no cost to the attendee.
  • The “law of two-feet” applies. If you’re in a session and it’s not what you thought it would be, or there are two sessions happening simultaneously and you want to catch a little bit of each, simply get up quietly and walk out. It’s not rude. In fact, it’s encouraged. It’s your event — get as much out of it as you can.
  • Encourage conversation. Did you get a lot of information at a session and want to continue the conversation? Grab a table or an empty room, write the topic you want to discuss and keep talking! You don’t have to attend a session in every time slot. We only ask that you vacate the session rooms in a timely fashion so that the next group of presenters and attendees has adequate time to prepare.
  • Go impromptu. Time will be available for sessions that aren’t on the printed schedule. Have something you want to share? Weren’t selected to present your session? Sign up for one of the available rooms at the designated time and you’re welcome to present!

History of PodCamp Nashville

PodCamp Nashville was adopted from the original PodCamp, held in Boston in 2006, created by Christopher S. Penn and Chris Brogan.

Dave Delaney, Marcus Whitney and Kelly Stewart initiated the idea of bringing the unconference to the Music City in the winter of 2008. Both Dave and Marcus had a passion for podcasting and creating digital content. Dave started one of the first parenting podcasts in 2005, titled “Two Boobs and a Baby.” Marcus, meanwhile, hosted “Pro-PHP” in the early days of podcasting.

The first PodCamp Nashville was held at Cannery Ballroom on Feb. 9, 2008. Out of town speakers included podcasting legend, C.C. Chapman, and best-selling author, Joseph Jaffee. An array of Nashville’s finest also took to the stage to share their knowledge on blogging, vlogging, SEO and much more.

In March 2009, PodCamp Nashville moved to Vanderbilt Owen Business School. The day was marked as a massive success, bringing hundreds of people together to share stories, tips and case studies about using the rapidly evolving tool known as social media and the real-time web.

In 2010, PodCamp Nashville moved to Cadillac Ranch (now Tequila Cowboy) on Lower Broadway, where it was held for three consecutive years. The event continued to grow and draw digital content creators and marketers of all levels of expertise before moving to Hotel Preston in 2013.

This year, PodCamp Nashville makes its debut at Nossi College of Art, a visually-stunning and inspiring 55,000-square foot campus located just off Ellington Parkway.